Contraception means prevention of pregnancy. So if your partner is of the opposite sex and you do not want to get pregnant, it’s important to use contraception every time you have sex.

Some methods of contraception can be more effective than others. The most effective type of contraception currently available in Australia is LARC (Long Acting Reversible Contraception).

LARC methods are between 99.5% – 99.95% effective, easy to maintain, and are completely reversible. They include the contraceptive implant (Implanon®) and the IUD (Intra-Uterine Device).

When choosing a method of contraception questions to think about are “what works best for my lifestyle?”, “how effective is it?”, “is it set and forget?” and “how easy is it to use?”.

Other things to consider are “is there side effects including changes to usual periods?”, “What is the cost and availability”, “is it reversible?’ and “does it protect against STI’s?”.

Different methods suit  better at different times in your life. If you want to know more have a “contraception choices” discussion with your GP or Family Planning Tasmania (FPT) Clinic staff. Click here to find your closest FPT clinic

Contraception overview

The following documents provide an overview of the different contraception methods, including how effective they are.

Contraception types

Find out more about the most common methods of contraception:

Where can I get contraception?

Free male condoms and lubricant are available in our clinic waiting rooms. You can simply turn up and help yourself. Find your nearest clinic.

Or send us a text and we can post free condoms to you. Find out more.

Male condoms can be purchased from most chemists, service stations and supermarkets in Tasmania. Female condoms and dams are generally only available from chemists or pharmacies, Family Planning Tasmania and some youth organisations.

LARC (IUD or Implanon), the Pill or Mini Pill, Nuva Ring and the Contraceptive injection (Depo) can only be prescribed in consultation with a doctor.  Visit a Family Planning Tasmania clinic or your regular doctor.

If you are interested in using a Diaphragm, please contact Family Planning Tasmania for the latest information.

Emergency Contraception is available over the counter, without a prescription, at Family Planning Tasmania and chemists or pharmacies.  If you are under 24 years old, you can contact Family Planning Tasmania or your local youth service to ask about financial assistance.

Can I still get an STI when using contraception?

Yes! It is important to remember that only barrier methods like male condoms and dams can help to reduce the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The safest way of having sex while preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is: condom + LARC (such as Implanon and IUD).

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