What is a Cervical Screening Test?

CST is the new Pap

Pap smears have been replaced by a new Cervical Screening Test (CST).  This change is good news for women. It will mean that they will have fewer tests but the new test will improve early detection of cervical cancer and save lives.

If you have a cervix, have ever had sex with a man or a woman, and are 25 years or older it is recommended that you have a regular CST every 5 years.

NO matter what age you are or when your last CST/Pap Smear was, if you are having abnormal bleeding e.g. bleeding after sex or in between a period or any bleeding after menopause – you need to see your health care professional.

CST is the new Pap detailed information

    What does the test involve?

    Your experience of having a CST will be no different to your experience of a Pap smear.

    Like a Pap smear, a doctor or nurse will do a vaginal examination using a speculum. A speculum is an instrument that holds the walls of the vagina apart and allows the doctor or nurse to see the cervix.

    If you are unable to have a speculum examination for any reason, please talk to one of our friendly Doctors or Nurses about your cervical screening options.

    Why should I have a CST?

    To prevent cervical cancer.

    The new test is a more accurate test than the Pap test and it can detect potential problems earlier. It looks for the presence of HPV virus rather than looking for precancerous changes in the cells.

    What is HPV?

    HPV stands for human papilloma virus and we now know that about 98% of cervical cancer is caused by HPV.

    When do I have to have a CST?

    Your first CST is at age 25 and your last is at age 75. The great news is for normal tests; women will only need to have the CST every five years. At FPT we will contact you with your result and let you know when you need to have your next CST.

    Isn't 5 years a long time to wait?

    Five years between CSTs is appropriate for HPV screening  but we recommend that you see your Doctor more regularly to look after your reproductive and sexual health.

    FPT recommends annual STI screening for people under the age of 30.

    FPT also recommends a Well Woman’s Check in between CSTs.  When you book a CST at FPT it will also include a Well Woman’s Check

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