Around one in three women has an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy at some time in their life. Unplanned pregnancy can leave some women feel confused and scared, whereas others may feel happy and excited; all these feelings are normal.

Pregnant women have a number of options, and for some making a decision about the pregnancy can be difficult and confusing. Select each one for more information:

Continuing with the pregnancy and becoming a parent.



Don’t know what to do?

For women that are unsure about their decision, we offer non-judgmental, compassionate and confidential pregnancy counselling. Our pregnancy counselling sessions provide factual information about all the options available to support women to make a decision.

FPT is a pro-choice organisation, which means we support individuals to make their own choices. All our doctors and nurses will help you if you decide to choose an abortion.

Please contact us to make a pregnancy counselling appointment (30 minutes with either a doctor or nurse).

It can also be helpful to talk about your options with people who are close to you – your partner, a friend or a family member.

Other pregnancy counselling services

The following services provide advice, information and counselling on the full range of pregnancy options:


Easy English

Information on pregnancy choices is available in easy English here.



    I’ve had unprotected sex, what do I do?

    If you have recently had unprotected sex or contraception failed; for example, a condom ‘broke’ and you don’t want to get pregnant, you may be able to take the emergency contraceptive pill, which used to be known as the ‘morning after pill’.  Emergency contraceptive pills must be taken within five (5) days of having unprotected sex.  They work best when taken as soon as possible after having unprotected sex.

    Emergency contraceptive pills are available from most pharmacies by consultation with the pharmacist without the need for seeing a doctor to get a prescription.

    Emergency contraception is very different to the medication that is needed to terminate a pregnancy once a pregnancy has been confirmed.

    You can read more about emergency contraception here.

    What should I do if I think I am pregnant?

    If you think that you may be pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test as soon as possible.

    Options for pregnancy tests include:

    • Using a home pregnancy test which you can buy from a chemist or supermarket
    • Seeing your local GP who can do a urine or blood pregnancy test
    • Seeing a Family Planning Doctor or Nurse

    See our pregnancy page for more information.

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