Family Planning Tasmania (FPT) recognises that parents are one of young people’s most significant sources of information about relationships and sexuality.

Even from a young age, children are exposed to a lot of messages about gender, relationships and sexuality through the internet and the media. Not all children have the opportunity to discuss these with trusted adults to help in understanding these messages. As parent/carer or teacher you have the chance to provide them with accurate information, develop their critical thinking skills and help them understand the messages they receive.

Children will ask questions for many different reasons: they may have heard or seen something they don’t understand; they may want further information about something they already know; they might simply be trying to shock you or show off in front of their peers. It can sometimes be hard to know the difference, so try to provide a simple, matter of fact, accurate answer. If the intention was to shock or show off, this often diffuses the situation.

This guide from our schools based Growing Up Program will give you some suggestions for possible responding to relationships and sexuality questions.

Talk Soon. Talk Often. A guide for parents talking to their kids about sex.  is another helpful resource for all parents and carers.  You can download it for free from the Tasmanian Government Department of Health and Human Services here.



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