Why is Rhesus (Rh) status important during pregnancy?

During every pregnancy, some of the red blood cells from the foetus get into the woman’s blood stream. This usually happens at the time of a termination, miscarriage, or giving birth.

If the foetus has a positive blood type and the woman is Rh negative, their body might react against the foetus’ blood cells and make antibodies.

These antibodies cause no immediate health problems but can cause problems in later pregnancies. If in a later pregnancy the foetus has a positive blood type, the antibodies now present in the woman’s blood might react against the foetus causing it serious health problems. If you are Rh negative, an injection of something called ‘Anti D’ during your first pregnancy can prevent this from happening.

Side effects of Anti D

Anti D rarely causes side-effects. You may have soreness or swelling where the injection is given. Sometimes you might develop a mild fever. Severe allergy is very rare. If you are concerned about anything after the injection, please contact you doctor.

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