Support for families and professionals

Family Planning Tasmania (FPT) provides education and advocacy for people living with a disability. FPT’s disability and special needs program works closely with our clinical staff to ensure supportive, quality, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care for people living with a disability. FPT can provide age-appropriate education sessions for individuals or small groups. We believe that:

  • sexuality is intrinsically healthy and normal
  • sexuality is a human right and we need to make healthy choices about it
  • we need to know how to form and maintain healthy relationships
  • people living with a disability have the right to express their sexuality and to make informed choices about their sexuality and relationships.

Our Additional Needs Programs flyer provides further information.

Professional Development

FPT offers a number of programs to equip families, professionals – including support workers, teachers and teacher assistants with the knowledge and strategies to enable them to support the relationships and sexual needs of people living with a disability. Fees may apply for consultancy and professional development workshops.

Our Additional Needs Programs flyer provides further information.

You can also contact edinfo@fpt.asn.au for bookings and information on the following courses:

    Managing Challenging Social and Sexual behaviours

    Assessment and intervention strategies

    Sexuality & Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Social and communication issues and strategies for acquisition of social and sexual health knowledge and skills.


    The skills and knowledge to use the SoSAFE! visual and conceptual tools designed to promote social safety for people with moderate to severe intellectual disability (MSID) and/or autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  For more information please see our flyer.

    9am-5pm Mon-Fri6273 9117
    9am-5pm Mon-Fri6343 4566
    9am-5pm Tue, Wed, Thurs6431 7692