Family Planning Tasmania provides professional learning programs throughout the year.  As part of the Family Planning Alliance Australia we are able to provide the latest best practice information, supported by current research.

FPT is able to provide tailored workshops to meet the needs of your organisation or school. For professional learning in the disability sector see disability support programs. Below are some of the workshops we run regularly. Please contact to make an enquiry or register your interest for any of the following programs:

    Safe Landing

    FPT is implementing Family Planning Victoria’s Safe Landing in Tasmania. This evidence-based whole-school approach, teacher training and resource kit enables schools and staff to provide sustainable, comprehensive, age-appropriate relationships and sexuality education.

    Social and Sexual Development

    This one day professional learning workshop focuses on:

    Ages and stages – Typical and Atypical Social and Sexual Development
    Promoting protective social and sexual behaviours:

    • Public and private: places, body parts, touch and talk
    • Relationships categories and interactions

    Responding to parents questions and concerns.
    Problem sexual behaviours – responding and referring.

    9am-5pm Mon + Wed6273 9117
    9am-5pm Mon-Fri6343 4566
    9am-5pm Tue, Wed, Thurs6431 7692