Family Planning Tasmania has recently developed a Research Framework which is in the final stages of completion. This framework draws on the framework developed by FPNSW, and will guide researchers as to the requirements and policies when conducting research at FPT. We have also developed a Research Proposal form to be used by prospective researchers in expressing interest in conducting research at FPT.

The following are research projects currently underway:

Termination of Pregnancy in Tasmania – Aims to explore 1) the attitudes, knowledge and practices of GPs or MTOP and STOP; and 2) the attitudes and knowledge of women regarding access to  MTOP and STOP. The first phase of this project will commence data collection in the coming weeks.

Implanon outcomes – Aims to determine the rates of Implanon removal after insertion at FPT, and the reasons for removal. This project is in the final stages of a report being written. Results will be discussed at an upcoming FPT clinical meeting to determine whether a clinical response is possible or required.

Chlamydia follow-up – Aims to determine rate of follow-up for re-infection testing after chlamydia infection and changes in follow-up rates since the implementation of a recall system. Data for this project has been extracted and is currently under analysis

Mirena side effects – Aims to determine side effects of patients with Mirena, and whether there are predictors for side effects. An ethics application is being prepared for this project.

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