LARC4U = A Family Planning Tasmania Project – Update from project officer Judy Brown

Hi everyone, I certainly have been busy over the past 5 weeks, I’m sure Cedric, Christy and Sophie are wondering where the time has gone.

The LARC4U project is now entering stage 2 and although time frames and key milestones have changed slightly form the original project plan, we are progressing well in the overall scheme of things

One of the key achievements completed during April was the development and submission of a research proposal to the UTAS – Human Research Ethics Committee.

The Research has been designed to provide a local snapshot into knowledge and attitudes regarding LARC and accessing contraceptive information and is currently awaiting approval. This research will build on International, National and Tasmanian research regarding:

– contraceptive efficacy

– youth consultation

– teen pregnancy factors and prevention strategies

The Research questions have been created within a survey format and have been designed to ensure we are focussing on key target populations and establishing and meeting their needs in relation to Sexual & Reproductive Health. They are also designed to align with current FPT research priorities, FPT Health Promotion & Advocacy Framework and meet our current Community Health literacy, Health promotion, and LARC4U project strategies.

The survey circulation will be both online and community site based. It is our view that community site based circulation of the survey will also assist with community consultation of the project, targeting key populations as well as preliminary education and distribution of existing Family Planning Tasmania’s LARC and service information

Community Consultation is a vital and important part of this project contacts have been established with with the following organisations:

  • Burnie Works – Collective Impact
  • Local Enabling Group – NW
  • Members of Parliament – Justine Keay & Anne Urquharts advisors
  • Cornerstone Youth service
  • Headspace
  • Primary Health Tasmania
  • Youth Network of Tasmania
  • DOE – School Nurses, Hellyer & Don Colleges & Head office for
  • 26ten/LNC
  • No 34 Aboriginal Health service
  • CHAC
  • Tasmanian Health Service – Health Promotion NW network
  • NWAY
  • NW Youth Liaison – Burnie City Council – David Freegon
  • Youth Health – Kion Fitzpatrick

Initial Community consultation has been mainly directed around the development of the projects reference group and enlisting key stakeholders to circulate the research survey, lay foundations for resource distribution and participation and delivery of Health promotion events.

Meetings have been held with representatives from Don College and Hellyer Colleges to formulate a working partnership throughout the project i.e. working collaboratively in raising the awareness of LARC’s within their student population through

  • The delivery of the research survey to the college population
  • Working with the IT division to arrange for students to be part of the testing phase of  the new Smart phone contraceptive application development
  • FPT Clinic familiarisation visits by students especially resident students from King Island, West Coast etc.
  • Hosting LARC4U project launches – both sites
  • Take part in LARC4U health promotion events and education sessions within the College – working with key groups as identified by the colleges

Collaborative partnerships with Olivia Lucas from the Burnie Works initiative has led to the identification of their Local Enabling Group (LEG)as a possible reference group for the LARC4U project.

This group was created to be an enabler to facilitate solutions. Their focus is to be the backbone for organisation that can support and enable organisations/ groups/individuals to create a collective impact within their community. They are based in Burnie and is made up of  7 members  whose vocational backgrounds include  literacy, education, teaching, community development, child health and health promotion

The reference Groups terms of reference is currently being developed and the initial meeting has been scheduled for July 4th 2018. There will be 2 additional Reference Group meetings throughout the project.

The project’s Resource development is in the early stages however Brainstorming sessions around resource content, survey development to generate specific information to depict resource content and initial scope and development of the Smart phone application has been achieved within this stage of the project.

Marketing brainstorming sessions have been planned over the next 2 weeks to discuss and further develop the marketing strategies for the projects launch, resource roll out, community engagement   and the professional development of clinicians i.e. provision of clinical training and uptake of this training by clinicians.

In conclusion, the next few months will see the roll out and evaluation of the research survey, development and roll out of the projects resources including the smart phone application, Project launch and commencement of community training and health promotion activities. We are definitely seeing a gain in the projects momentum and are excited about what we believe can be achieved during this project.



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