FPT provides non-directional pregnancy counselling. Women wishing to access this service can contact FPT and request a pregnancy choices consultation.

FPT now provides MTOP in all of our 3 clinics.

If a woman is not suitable for MTOP at FPT we can provide referral to another service provider.

We have detailed information on our website about MTOP including:

  • What to expect
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Costs involved
  • Appointments

We ask that you direct women who are considering MTOP to our website before they contact FPT: 

The patient will need to attend three appointments.  For details, please see the Patient Pathway for MTOP @ FPT.

At FPT we actively support women to access effective contraception following a TOP and can insert Implanon at the medication or follow up appointment, or can insert an IUD 3 weeks post MTOP.

Women can either self-refer or be referred by their GP. Early referral to an MTOP provider is crucial as MTOP must be given before 63 days’ gestation. In most cases it is most time efficient to refer the patient prior to initiating investigations, as FPT has developed streamlined, supportive referral pathways with pathology and imaging providers to ensure timely return of results. If you choose to organise a dating scan it is very helpful if FPT can receive a copy of this result directly.

Women attending FPT for MTOP are given comprehensive written instructions regarding their medication, Anti D is given if required. Patients are also given information on how to access a 24-hour telephone support service during the procedure.


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